This page contains some useful resources for getting more help and maybe extra inspiration in your work with MyPaint.

  • The MyPaint Forums are for general discussion, to post your work, exchange tips, suggest features etc.
  • The Wiki is for everyone’s use. There are links to galleries created by users, and links to articles. Some have made mock-ups and suggestions for improving MyPaint in the future. Feel free to add your own contribution!
  • The Bugtracker is to make sure your bug is not forgotten, and to find out if it was already reported.
  • The IRC channel is #mypaint on This is probably the fastest way to get into MyPaint.
  • The Mailing List is also there for discussions. Check the archives.

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Offical wiki
Twitter: @MyPaintApp
Tumblr showcase blog
Deviantart channel
User forum
Git development page
Issues tracker
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