To use the development branch of MyPaint, you will need to install git.

Once git is installed, all you need to do is issue this command:

git clone git://

You can update later with:

git pull

Look in the README for instructions how to compile it.

You can check the commit log of the main branch or all coding activity.


We are always looking for new ideas and features! Join the GUI Brainstorm in the Wiki. See also the Resources page for more ways to get involved and help.


Please use the Gna Bugtracker to make sure your bug does not get forgotten. If you want emails for every bug, subscribe to mypaint-bugs.


There are some vague generic goals for the future of MyPaint.


There is some development documentation maintained in the Wiki, including a short technology overview.

The reliable way is to send patches to the mailing list or attach them to the bugtracker. The quick way is to push commits to a gitorious clone and ask for feedback on IRC.

Please keep the first line of your log message to the point and readable without context. “git log –oneline” will show you examples. After the first line you can get as detailed as you want, eg. add the bug url or benchmark results.

Patches should be generated with “git format-patch”. If you work on your own repository, you should know that we will usually rebase your changes to get rid of git merge commits. As you refine your patch, don’t hesitate to edit your commits instead of adding new ones. If you are using gitorious, a nice practice is to name your branches _v1, _v2, but a forced push is also okay.

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