The latest binary release can always be found on our Github releases page. This is the only completely official download location: please do not use random third party download sites not mentioned on this page mentioned here.

  • Linux: we make semi-regular Ubuntu PPA releases during the development cycle too. These will get you the latest bleeding edge of development.
  • Linux: many major OS distributions include the most recent stable MyPaint package.
  • Mac OS X: MyPaint is available in MacPorts. Please offer your assistance on Github if you want to help make it available through other channels, and are willing to spend some time diagnosing and fixing poring issues.
  • Windows: as of 1.2.0-beta.0, we’re offering official Win32 and Win64 binary installers from Github for your testing. These are new. The hope is that they will evolve into something worthy of release for 1.2.0 itself: I’m taking great pains to make sure that the build derives from known signed sources, and that it’s documented well enough to be replicated by anyone. The most recent binaries are signed with PGP, using the same key as the PPA.
  • Windows: long-time MyPaint porter TumaGonx has an experimental MyPaint build for Windows available from their blog. This may be more thoroughly tested than our own, and you are welcome to try both and compare the results!

Please note that 1.0.0 is a very old release, and is no longer supported on any platform. Version 1.1.0 is the latest stable release, but as we approach the 1.2.0 stable release our support for it is increasingly limited (you may be asked to try one of the more recent betas if you ask for support on in our issues!)


MyPaint is actively developed on Github, and the build is continuously tested. If you want the absolute very latest development version, or are interested in helping MyPaint evolve, please follow the instructions in the README file to get started.

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