An historical view of various key features on Mypaint series.

MyPaint 0.9.x:


All interface windows can be hidden by the click of a button.

Colour selection was slimmed and can be fine adjusted using keyboard shortcuts.

The Brush editor was compacted and made more intuitive. Often-used brush attributes are now easily accessible when painting.

Improved brush engine performance. Brushes now also support tablet tilt.

MyPaint 0.8.x:


Brushes are now categorized and it is easy to create your own categories.
New colour selector

New colour selector. Here the complementary colours are marked.

Draw straight lines by holding down the Shift key.

The layer dialogue makes handling layers easier. There are also a wider selection of backgrounds.

MyPaint 0.7.x:


From Zahar, Brushes and colours set up for painting a goddess.
Brushes and colour

Brushes and colours set up for painting a face.
Adjust brushes

Adjust brushes using the brush interface. Brushes can also change their aspect ratio now (i.e. elliptical dabs).

Quick image using layers and one of the default backgrounds

MyPaint 0.6.0:

Picking new brushes

Selecting a suitable brush for making gas clouds in a sci-fi scene.
Picking colour

Selecting skin tones using two different selectors.
Brush modifications

Editing a default brush to add functionality.
Sketch Example

Pencil sketch effect on a lined paper background.

MyPaint 0.5.1:


Selecting a new brush for painting.
MyPaint_0.5_ Brush settings

The brush settings window is extensive!
MyPaint_0.5_ Quick-Colour

Selecting colours close to the cursor position using the quick colour popup.
MyPaint_0.5_ Colour-wheel

Bringing up the colour-wheel while painting in full screen mode.

Vrsion 0.4

Version 0.4
version 0.2

Version 0.2
Version 0.1

Version 0.1

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